Find yourself by getting lost in the service of others.

Below are the kind words of some of my current and past clients. I truly believe that the most fruitful and productive relationships are those that are born of a genuine desire to lift people up! 

I started my fitness journey at 13, in my garage. I made slow, but sporadic progress for a couple of years until high school. I was then introduced to a proper weight room, and a group of people committed to supporting me and nurturing my fitness goals! Only then would I discover that fitness is just as much a community as it is a lifestyle.

Since then, my experience with fitness has been built around a beautiful balance of self awareness and community. It is my mission to propagate that balance in others, and fuel that passion for self improvement in those around me! Look below to see some of the most fruitful relationships I've had the pleasure of building!

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Hanna Teodorovych, Female, 36

I have trained with Ben for a few months now, and every single session has been challenging, fun, and rewarding! As a competitive athlete, I came to Ben with high expectations. Expectations not only for my trainer to deliver highly engaging and efficacious training that is tailored specifically to my fitness level and goals, but also from myself to be coachable, adaptable, and perform at my best each session. I think that success comes from your coaches knowledge, athletes determination, and the relationship between the two parties.

Ben has surpassed my highest expectations. he is innovative with his training routines, engaging, motivating, and highly aware of the state his client is at. He knows when to push me harder, and when to give me a break. He always asks for feedback and ensures I feel that our sessions are challenging and effective. I look forward to working more together as a team!