Virtual Coaching VS. Personal Training.

Virtual coaching is the way of the future in the fitness industry for 3 main reasons, outlined below. I've been personal training for 5+ years now, and I can say with confidence that there are distinct, consumer patterns with personal training that are effectively addressed with virtual coaching. Not to say that personal training doesn't have its place, but like all facets of Luyk Training, the LT-3 Method Virtual Coaching service was created to be purposeful, efficient, and effective. For most people, virtual coaching checks all these boxes and allows people to incorporate fitness coaching services into their life in a sustainable way - let me show you what I mean:

Exceptional Value

From my experience in personal training, I can tell you that 1:1 personal training services are a good option for some, but are largely unaffordable long term for most. The average PT session from a big-box gym (private can be much higher) is $80-$100/hour, on a 12 month contract! This cost can be prohibitive for people, considering that an effective program will have you training 3-4 times per week! These costs add up! Most personal trainer also charge extra for meal plans, supplement plans, of simply don't offer them at all, especially at the big bog providers. In the end, you're paying for time only.

With virtual coaching, you are paying for your coaches knowledge. The coach isn't bound to a 1 hour session, and can provide you all of the knowledge that you need to be successful without time constraint. Speaking to the LT-3 Method, all of the resources you need regarding workouts, nutrition plans, supplement plans, habit tracking and progress reporting are delivered conveniently to an app on your phone for less than the cost of 2 PT sessions per month. This means that you get all of the added value extras like nutrition etc., while also benefiting from professionally curated workouts whenever you need them! For these reasons, virtual coaching in the value pick 10 times out of 10.

More Support = More Results

Another consumer trend that is prevalent in the fitness industry is that people have a hard time being accountable to themselves. We are all guilty of this to a degree, but as pertains to the fitness industry, there is a TON of money being spent for services that aren't being used effectively. How many people do you know who spend $50/month on a gym membership they never use? That same problem translates into personal training. When you only see your trainer 1 day/week, it becomes very easy to slip back into bad habits on the other 6 days. I've seen it time and again, without someone there to support you, most people fail to hold themselves accountable. When I was working for a big box gym, I noticed that most of the PT clients had been clients for 1 year + and hadn't reached their goals yet. This is a problem! Think of fitness coaching like a school course; you should learn what you need, and progress from there. If you're not doing this, (harsh reality) it means your coach is failing you! My goal with the LT-3 Method was to create a program that supported people as much as possible, in the most sustainable way, such that I can help them stay accountable to their goals once and for all. The stronger your support system, the more likely you are to reach your goals.

Convenience is King

The last consumer trend that I noticed while doing personal training is that people are on their own schedules - rightfully so. It is difficult enough as it is to juggle everything we have going on in our lives. With personal training, you have yet another 1-4 meetings a week to fit into your calendar! This again can be prohibitive for people, and many end up simply not using the sessions that have purchased because they cant find the time. With virtual coaching, you have all the resources you need at any time that works for you. This eliminates the excuse that you don't have the time, or can't fit a session into your schedule. All you need to do is show up at the gym, whenever works for you, and work hard towards your goals - simple as that!

All told, my coaching services were created with the client in mind. I want YOU to be successful in your fitness goals and take control of your body and mind for good. Virtual coaching is the best way I can think of to help the most people in the most effective way. Thanks for reading!

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