Purposeful, Efficient, Effective.

The three pillars of the Luyk Training philosophy are reflective of the "holes" I see in the fitness industry today. The industry has changed; in so ways for the better! Information and support is more readily available than ever, and there are more healthy & active people living as the best versions of themselves.

So whats the problem?

An abundance of information is not always a good thing, as it opens the door for misinformation. It's not just in the fitness industry; we've seen the havoc wrought by misinformation throughout our society in major ways lately. As pertains to the fitness industry, misinformation makes it incredibly difficult for the consumer to make decisions! It's like you have a million options all telling you a different version of the truth? Who do you trust? Who do you trust with your most precious asset: your health? Luyk Training and the LT-3 Method were born out of a desire to fill this need. To inform the consumer on the time tested, scientifically proven, irrefutable facts of fitness. My goal is to arm the consumer with the tools to make informed decisions about their health and wellness by identifying the information they don't need, and capitalizing on the information that they do!

Everything has a purpose.

The cornerstone philosophy of the Luyk Training system is to provide the customer with honest, authentic support though their fitness journey. No frills, no lies, no "ripped in 30 days" MLM's trying to take your money for some quad supplements. Just the time tested, scientifically proven techniques people have used for decades to change their physiques. I want to help you get in shape the same way I did; by sticking to the fundamentals, working hard, and staying accountable to yourself. Let's get to work!

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