3 Things Big Box Gyms Don't Want You To Know

Like many service providers in the health and fitness industry, I got my start working for a commercial gym. I was in a sales role, responsible for securing EFT's on a monthly basis, in an effort to help the club hit sales targets and secure a bonus. I learned a lot from this experience - most notably, how NOT to treat potential clients! The sales process that big box providers implement is not how I choose to run my business, and here are 3 things that commercial gyms don't want you to know.

Initiation Fees

Big box gyms will tell you the there is a $99-$250 (typically) fee for initiating you into the personal training program. There is usually a rational behind this fee, the salesman might tell you that this fee is to pay for paperwork, getting you "set up in the system", or even that this fee accounts for their commission. Of course, all of these claims are false. Like all businesses, there is a cost of acquisition for each client in a commercial gym setting. Initiation fees are a way that gyms try to recoup some of this cost, but don't buy the nonsense that you somehow need $250 to punch your information into their computer system. In reality, this fee is mainly a sales tool. It allows the sales person to "do you a solid" and waive the fee or part of the fee if you happen to be on the fence about singing an EFT. Don't buy it and don't pay that fee!

High Pressure Sales

Scientific research tells us that people make decisions emotionally, and then rationalize those decisions with logic. The same applies to sales, and in big box gyms the sales departments capitalize on this all day. Choosing to get help from a personal trainer is an emotional decision! It requires you to be vulnerable about your insecurities, and open up to a complete stranger about personal problems you're having with your body. That is an emotional decision, and high pressure sales aims to exploit that emotion and get you to sign an EFT. Don't be fooled by this!

Just because you're making an emotional decision doesn't mean that you have to throw all logic out the window and cecum to high pressure sales tactics. A qualified coach who cares about your goals and wants you to be successful will be honest, forthcoming, and empathetic in a sales meeting in a effort to make you feel comfortable enough to allow them to guide you.

Commission Based Sales

Lastly, commission based sales drive most business models for big box gyms. What this means for you is that the person selling you PT sessions rarely makes enough money to support themselves without hitting their quota based goals. This isn't a foreign concept; lots on businesses pay salesman commission! The difference in a big box gym setting is that the purchase you're making carries more weight emotionally. When the sales person sitting across the desk from you relies on your purchase to make their bonus, often times your health takes a back seat and isn't prioritized. The reality is, not everyone needs to spend $1000 on personal training sessions! More does not equal better! In a commercial gym setting, more often than not the goal is to drive sales as high as possible. This means signing people to programs they don't need, or resigning existing clients to longer EFT's (ofter 6-12 month minimum). Luyk training takes a different approach, aiming to be the LAST coaching service you could ever need. If you rely on clients resigning to "hit your quota", where is the drive to have you client succeed?

Please consider these point before making a purchase and signing an EFT with a big box gym! Make sure you choose a service provider that truly cares about your health, wellbeing, and wallet! ;)

Thanks for reading!

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