Ahead of the game.

Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Plan

Take the guess work out of your diet, and maximize your workouts. 100% fully customized fitness and nutrition plans personalized to fit your needs.

Personalized Supplementation Regimen

Take your fitness to the next level by incorporating a customized supplementation plan. Stop guessing and start seeing lasting results, quicker.

24h Mobile Support

Ask any questions you may have regarding your program, at any time. The LT-3 mobile application offers in-app messaging to ensure you're never left in the dark.

For the serious gym-goer looking to take their training and nutrition to the next level. This option provides 100% fully customized exercise, nutrition, and supplementation programs to elevate your fitness routine and deliver lasting results. Facilitated through the LT-3 Mobile app, Level 2 programming provides you with instructional videos, compliance & progress reports, and so much more!




Affordable and flexible!

All prices include 3.15% transaction fee and are subject to HST.

Would you like to video conference, but like the looks of this package? Video conference sessions are available for purchase through the LT-3 App! Once you download the app, simply purchase a video session, and schedule it as you wish!


24 week program

Save 20% by purchasing a 6 month program. This option is for the dedicated individual looking to make long term, lasting changes to their health and fitness.


12 week program

Save 10% by purchasing a 3 month program. Real results take time and hard work. This option is for the motivated individual looking to change their body and put in the work.


4 week program

Purchase programming one month at a time. This option is great for those seeking payment flexibility, as you commit to one month at a time! Cancel any time, come back as you please!