Who is This Guy Anyway...

Just a regular guy who's life has been made better through fitness. My name is Ben, and fitness has been a part of my life in some capacity for my entire life.

I was a "sports as early as you can" kid, and played hockey from early childhood. This evolved into basketball, track & field, and football through my teenage years. I eventually played football at The University of Western Ontario. Sports played a huge role in my personal development, but the underlying physical disciplines that come with training for sports is what I fell in love with.

I was never the best hockey, football, or basketball player, but when I was in the gym I knew that "being the best" didn't matter. What mattered was being the best version of myself, and having the self respect to give myself 100% effort all the time.

Through expanding my knowledge of health & fitness, I have experienced transformative changes in the way I view myself. I was an overweight child, and struggled with bullying & self-hatred for much of my early life. These scars take a long time to heal, but trust me: taking care of your body is one of the most accessible was to heal your mind.

I've spent my life doing all I can to facilitate my passion; helping myself & others like me find a higher level of self respect, self confidence, and emotional wellbeing through physical fitness. I know what it feels like to feel stuck in your skin, but I also know the freedom of taking control, and creating a body & mind that you can be proud of.

Let's get better, together.