The LT-3 app is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to stay on top of your program! Workouts, nutrition plans, supplement lists, in app messaging, compliance reports, instructional videos and much more are all available in one convenient location!

People tend to "fall off the wagon" with regards to their physical fitness due to a lack of knowledge and accountability. All of the information and support you need is now on your phone! All you have to do is put in the work!


Welcome to your Dashboard!

Your dashboard provides you an instant snapshot of daily workout requirements, nutritional goals, and physical progress! Check your macros, update your measurements, or upload a progress photo instantly!


Personal Trainer On-the-Go!

Never miss a rep. The LT-3 workout interface allows you to see every movement of your workout complete with instructional video, reps, sets, rest and  more! You're workouts will automatically upload to your app as you progress through your program!


Track Workouts in Real Time!

During your workout, the LT-3 workout interface allows you to track weights used and reps performed in seconds. Make steady and measured progress by providing your coach with workout data instantly!


Accountability and Compliance!

The LT-3 Method is an ultra "high touch" service. Gain insight into your progress in real time through in-app compliance and accountability recording! Each meal & workout you track is recorded and paints a clear and honest picture of your progress!


Everything in One Place!

The "plans" section of the app allows you to see your workout, nutrition, and supplement plans all in one place. Not sure what meal to eat next? Wondering what you're training today? No worries, it's all here!


Fully Comprehensive!

The LT-3 app syncs with your favourite fitness/meal tracking apps like MyFitnessPal & Fitbit. Once you allow access to these apps, food that you track there will appear on the LT-3 app! This keeps all of your data in one place and allows a real-time snapshot of your daily nutrition!


Set and Track Goals with Ease!

That which is measured, improves. This section of the app allows you to view all of your fitness and nutrition goals in one place! Seeing all of your goals at once increases accountability and solidifies your routine!


Your Week at a Glance!

Check the "calendar' section of the app to see your daily goals and nutrition data, weekly workouts, scheduled events, video call times and much more! Refer to your calendar to schedule upcoming workouts, rearrange on the fly or simply look back at all you've accomplished!