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In the gym or at home, you're not alone!

The LT-3 Method combines purposeful, science-based nutrition with functional, well-rounded strength and conditioning. Highly refined through years of experience & rooted in proven principals, the LT-3 Method is ideal for anyone looking to recompose their body and increase over-all performance; at the gym, or at home!


Founded in the principals of purpose, efficiency, and effectiveness, The LT-3 Method cuts out the fluff and delivers only the information that you need! Save yourself time, money, and headaches by choosing the program that is right for you. This will be the last coaching service you'll ever need!



Being the best version of yourself allows you to more effectively serve others.

My name is Ben and I want to help YOU! My personal fitness journey started 14 years ago and has lead me many exciting places! I am a Western University Football alumni, I've shot with the best photographers in the fitness industry, and I represent Magnum Nutraceuticals (Canadas #1 supplements brand) as one of their top trainers!

My life's work is to serve, inspire, support, and encourage others through fitness, as well as guide them on their path to a better version of themselves! As an overweight child and teenager, I know how it feels to dislike what you see in the mirror. Let me help you forge a new mindset surrounding health and fitness, and reclaim control of your body!

I have successfully guided countless amazing & deserving people over the past 3 years on the way to reaching their fitness goals! Young athletes, new parents, middle aged professionals, veterans, retirees; I can help you make a change! My services will provide you a clear, concise picture of what you NEED to do in order to change your life. Spots are limited, do you want to be next?

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1. Apply For Coaching

Submit an application form one the "Coaching Packages" page, and you will promptly receive a response. We will set up a phone consultation to determine which program is right for you! Next, you'll be sent instructions on downloading the mobile app!

2. Download the Mobile App.

Once you've downloaded the app and set up your profile, you will promptly be sent your program! Workouts, nutrition & supplement plans, as well as in-app messaging are all found here!

3. It's Time to Get to Work!

Your smart phone just became a portal to your personal trainer! All of the guidance you need is now in one convenient place. Accountability, connectivity, and support are at the touch of a button!



Easy, intuitive, convenient.

The LT-3 Method takes the hassle out of PDF's, text & email correspondence, and other miscommunications common with most online coaching programs. Everything you need to be successful is in one convenient place!

The LT-3 mobile application makes it easy for you to stay accountable. Whether you're at the gym and need clarification on a workout, or in the kitchen tracking your meals, everything happens on the LT-3 app!


Click "Learn more" To explore the LT-3 App features.

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